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Costa Rica Information

The country of Costa Rica can be found between Panama and Nicaragua in the Central American Isthmus. It is conveniently located in between the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans with some spectacular beaches on both coasts.

The total land mass is apx 51,000 kilometers squared and we have a total population of around 4 Million people with a good percentage of foreign residents among them.

Although it is relatively small there are many micro climates and very different types of topography and natural beauty. It boasts an incredible amount of variety in its flora and Fauna.

The coastlines are long hosting all sorts of different beaches from white sand to volcanic rock. Many peninsulas hide excellent beaches and coves which can quite simply be stunning. It should also be noted that over a quarter of Costa Ricas land mass has been legally set aside to provide National parks and preserves of a biological nature and that these areas are set aside in perpetuity so they can never be touched or developed in any way.

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The capitol of Costa Rica is San Jose.

There are many diverse neighborhoods of the central valley.

For your next vist to Costa Rica here are some Vacation Activities.

If you want to live in Costa Rica, here are some important Immigration Facts.

Climate in Costa Rica

Many people compare Costa Ricas climate to an ever present Springtime, you never need heating or heavy clothes especially in the central valley areas. The normal year round average temperature in the central valley area is around 68 to 70 degrees Farenheit or apx 21 Celcius. The central valley area is at apx 3000ft above sea level

At sea level it is apx 79 to 80 degrees farenheit or 26 celcius average.

There are two distinct seasons WET and DRY.

Rainy or ‘Green” season is from May to November with an Indian summer in late July early August. The dry season is from December to April and usually Jan and Feb can be pretty windy due to the trade winds.

Languages in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an officially Spanish speaking country. Most business and professional people speak English. English is slowly spreading throughout the culture.

costa rica jungle flowers


Costa Ricas currency is the Colon, but the Dollar is widely accepted in most businesses and stores. You can change money in most hotels and banks with no problems.

Most Major credit cards are accepted everywhere apart from very small local stores.

The bank will always give you the best rate on exchanges of dollars as the hotels charge a commission.

Religion in Costa Rica

The country is officially Roman Catholic but there is total freedom to practice any religon desired. Other religions are making slow inroads here. The Catholic Church is constitutional mandated as the official religion. However many evengelical movements are very popular here and there is a small jewish population as well.

Costa Rican Government

Costa Rica is a Democratic Republic. The army was abolished in 1949. Regular elections are held every 4 years with a number of healthy opposition parties always in place. There is no death penalty in Costa Rica, as it was discontinued in 1882. Since 1869 education has been a right of all citizens. In 1983 the government declared Costa Rica to be permanently a neutral country. All branches of the government are separate. Oscar Arias, the current President (August 2009), won the Nobel Peace in the 80s and is currently trying to broker a deal in the Honduran crisis.


The telecommunications industry has just opened up to international competition: phone service, Internet, and cell phone service should get much better over the coming years. Right now ICE still dominates this market. Postal service is slow but many private services exist to help with this. You can use your cell phone here on roam if it’s a GSM system.

iguana in costa rica


Air travel is very good to and from Costa Rica as more and more airlines now fly direct into the main airport at San Jose in Alajuela and also to Liberia in Guanacaste. There are a number of good local air carriers including Nature air and Sansa that fly regularly to most parts of the country.

Roads still need improving all over the country but are getting better. The new highway to the Jaco beach area from San Jose is under construction and will be finished by mid 2010. Many other sections are also being improved.

Marinas are now operating in different parts of the Pacific coast. You can come to Costa Rica by boat if you want.

Tour Services

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing tours. You can do a bus tour of San Jose, go to the volcanos at Irazu, Areal, Poas and Barva. There are numerous small towns an villages to stop at along the way. The area around Arenal is becoming more and more popular for people who find the beach too hot. Arenal Lake offers excellent windsurfing and other water sports.

White water rafting is also popular on different rivers throughout the country. Bird watching tours are extremely popular because costa rica has nearly 1000 different species of birds.

For those who like surfing and night life, Jaco Beach and Tamarindo are the most popular.

All the Pacific coast is worth visiting along with many parts of the Caribbean especially the Tortugero region and Puerto Viejo — the tour desk in your hotel will be able to help more with this.

Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica iis blessed with some excellent beaches especially on the Pacific side below are three of the most popular areas.

costa rica beach

North Pacific Coast

Central Pacific Coast

South Pacific Coast

Enjoy your visit to Costa Rica and call Isthmus Realty for all your real estate investment needs.

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